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Today is definitely a great day for the Blog turns 4 months old, yes friends these four months with the Blog have been great and we are working on some many interesting things, but this day is excellent to meet the time, and explained why:

Last night was   the Awards People's Choice Awards, which as the name implies are prizes to the public through online voting to give their favorites, and yes, maybe not the Oscars or the Globes Gold, but either way are awards and recognition of love and acceptance. What excites me is that one of my favorite series Beauty And The Beast competed in the category Favorite New TV Drama and for all spectators expected to win and they did. The new series of The CW Beauty And The Beast Starring Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk took the prize, and then it gives me some joy (well that as I have said before the actress is one of my favorites). This award also resulted from my point of view the 'hard work' of the actor Austin Basis  who made ​​a big 'campaign' twittera paid off in the end because they were raised with the prize.
This thanks to the fans for their support to the series, 
came from the Twitter account of Nina Lisandrello and Austin Basis
before the awards PCA 2013.
One of the great things rescued from this is precisely the good interaction in social networks, which are among the fans of the series and its cast, being more Austin Basis who interacts with the public, which is greatly appreciated, and I also understand that for sure the other actors sometimes be difficult to answer as many people, yet whenever they can are gracious with the audience and that's great especially Austin who I say it is 'the voice' of the twitter as # BATB hehe. 

Here some of the agradecimentos 
actors in the series, his followers on Twitter and the general public.

So, this has been one of the good reasons to be a good day for four months to comply with this Blog, a space created to give me perspective on film and share the odd taste more XD Another reason is that since Show the nomidos to OSCAR 2013 and is already my view about them.

It remains for me to say, Congratulations to Beauty And The Beast and his entire cast for the People's Choice Awards! 

Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk recibiendo Award Favorite New TV Drama

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